Kishindo Martial Arts Academy

2687 S. Preston St. Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Shodai-Soke Kent Hendrix

Welcome to Kishindo Martial Arts Academy!
The Home of Bushi-Kai Kishindo Karate

Kishindo is a combination style with its roots in Shotokan, Goju, Aikido, and Kenpo.
We invite you to get to know us, and Kishindo.
Find the location closest to you below, and see what they have going on!

We are happy to teach free Womens Safety classes for your young women's groups, Relief Societies, or other women's groups.
Call to schedule a class for your group.

It's Time for Bushido!

Bushido Location: Fred Foyer Area of Church Fork - Millcreek Canyon.
Directions: From :Utah County, Salt Lake South Salt Lake North

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Salt Lake City - East Millcreek
Snow Hawk Dojo
Shodai-Soke Kent Hendrix
Wind Steed Dojo
Brian Stonely Sensei
Eyrie Dojo
Tim Eversole Sensei
Ten No Tora Dojo
Kevin Lawrence Sensei

Robert Lawrence Sensei
Spanish Fork

Joe Davis Sensei
Shodai-Soke Kent Hendrix Brian Stonely Sensei Tim Eversole Sensei Kevin Lawrece Sensei Robert Lawrence Sensei Joe Davis Sensei

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