Warren Siciliano

Warren Siciliano began studying martial arts when he was 9 years old in Pittsburgh. He started with an American Judo and jiu-jitsu School, run by Sensei Dewey Defers. He started out boxing and happened to meet an oriental man in the lyceum where he was taking boxing, and he started him off. He then went to Dewey Defers and he was really fascinated by it and enjoyed it and judo. Siciliano was 18 or 19 when he opened his first dojo. After the war, he came back with ideas of originating a style of his own. After years of work, he developed the Karado karate system. Karado is a mixture of about six or seven different styles of karate. He studied the most aggressive techniques from the other styles and combined them into his own. In 1950, he helped train heavy weight champion Rocky Marciano, teaching him his famous knockout punch. Warren served as a bodyguard to presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Nixon. Warren also helped the police by teaching his art at the Dade County Police Academy in Miami.